Rugby World Cup 2019: Scotland respond to misconduct charge

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Scottish Rugby has questioned whether a misconduct charge from World Rugby has beenappropriate.
Remarks produced by chief executive Mark Dodson about the conclusion of the World Cup game have been referred to an independent disputes committee.
Dodson had hinted at legal action, when the game was in doubt because of Typhoon Hagibis.
The game went ahead and Scotland lost 28-21 to depart in the group stage.
An Scottish Rugby spokesperson said:Scottish Rugby once again expresses its sincere condolences to those of Japan and all those affected by Typhoon Hagibis which broke last weekend.
We have managed to convey our best wishes straight into the mayor of Yokohama and also the chairman of the Western Rugby Union. We stand together with the fantastic people of Japan.
After receipt of correspondence yesterday from World Rugby, Scottish Rugby confirms it has received a note of complaint from Rugby World Cup Ltd.. Scottish Rugby is currently querying if the matter is a suitable one for the attracting of misconduct charges.
If misconduct proceedings would be to proceed, Scottish Rugby looks forward to receiving a reasonable hearing in this issue. No further comment would be proper at this moment.
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