Bulgaria authorities fine and ban four fans over racist abuse of England players

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Four Bulgaria fans arrested for subjecting England gamers to racist abuse happen to be fined 1,000 Bulgarian lev (#443) and prohibited from sports events for a couple of decades.
England Euro 2020 qualifier win in Sofia on Monday was stopped twice in the first half following racist chanting by home supporters.
The four lovers were punished by authorities – instead of the countrys courts – under Bulgarias law for thedefense of public order through sports events.
Another fan was arrested on Wednesday, bringing the total number.
One of the seven is a little, the Bulgaria Ministry of Interior told BBC Sport.
President of Bulgarias football association, borislav Mikhailov, resigned Tuesday.
Bulgaria director Krasimir Balakov said following the match hedid not hear any chanting, having previously accused England of using a larger racism problem.
However, Balakov later posted an announcement on Facebook, acknowledging the incidents on Monday and also apologising toEnglish footballers and also to those who felt offended.
I condemn all forms of racism within an unacceptable behavior that interrupts ordinary human relations, he added.
When he had been asked on television to avoid a similar incident in future legend Hristo Stoichkov became emotional. He recommended thatfans are not allowed in the scene or even [confront ] thicker punishments.
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